About us​

Bingham Solution is not just your regular IT company. We are a family of technology professionals who are committed to changing the narratives of the IT industry for the better. We intend to achieve this by constantly and consistently building real IT solutions, creating impressive relationships with business owners and accelerating brand growth with excellent IT solutions and consultation.

We created our Core Values to represent how we do that and to show the DNA of Total Network Consulting.

Our Core values

Our team is handpicked not only because they are brilliant but also due to their impressive moral values. Bingham Solution is always about doing the right thing to ensure our integrity is sustained.

Bingham Solution always sit down to understand our customer – sometimes, even over a coffee! Every client that works with us comes first.

From our CEO, COO to our technicians, we are one family. At Bingham Solution, every head treats each other with respect as we understand that teamwork makes the dream work. Every hand is needed to deliver a pleasing result for our clients and company.

Bingham Solution understands that life is not stagnant, and change is a constant. Hence, we are flexible in listening to our customers and adapting for our own growth. We learn from experience and get better every year.

Our clients often give funny feedback on how our team enjoy their work and shows utmost commitment. This is because we are a company that enjoys what we do and find it easy to have fun while at it. This helps strengthen team bonds and customer-company relationships.

  • To assist businesses in accelerating their growth with excellent IT consultation and solutions.
  • To harness our current partnership to expand our network, reach more clients and beat out previous accomplishments.
  • To leverage our incredible expertise and vast experience in providing value-based IT solutions, maintain our flexibility and consistently deliver high-quality performance to sustain our client’s growth.
  • To invest in the diverse skillset of our team for better IT solution delivery and betterment of the IT industry’s image to the public.
  • To harness and optimize our growth culture and betterment of our team members.

Bingham Solution Goals: Changing the modus operandi of the technology industry

Bingham Solutions is committed to making IT solutions and consultancy more readily available for clients. More importantly, we ensure specialized hands handle a specific task. In other words, the best hands for the right job will be assigned to handle your request. For a comprehensive IT solution, each department will come into their job at the scheduled time. 

Why does Bingham Solution stand out?

Over 100 past clients

With more than a decade spent in the IT industry, Bingham Solution has managed work with reputable companies and private entities. We have successfully established incredible and reliable IT support and consultation services for businesses in Chicago and beyond. More proudly, we have never recorded any client with breached IT solution.

20+ Professionals & 200 technicians

Our information and technology company has specialized units with over 20 skilled experts. As a nationwide IT provider, we have a network of more than 200 technicians whose roles and performances are always guided, supported, and assessed by our professionals. In this way, we have managed to land hundreds of accreditations, applause, and smile-inducing feedback from our clients. 

100% Customer satisfaction

We are only happy if our customers are happy. Bingham Solution is a brand that treats every customer’s company as if it’s our own; hence, our team is always about giving the best and most suitable IT infrastructure, recommendations, and services to our clients. If it’s not about competence, credibility, and customer satisfaction, then it’s not Bingham Solution!

Company Milestones

Bingham Solutions’ Milestone: How we keep reaching a new height

In the beginning

Bingham Solutions started by providing IT solutions and designs for clients in the greater Chicago region.

Landing our first client​

We landed our first contract from ECCU and successfully delivered an enterprise mobility solution. Also, our team professionally refreshed their IT network for improved performance.

Doubling our client revenue growth

Bingham Solutions received its first commendation as a major force in helping our client’s brand double its revenue in a calendar year. A major thank was received by our network infrastructure team.

Becoming the team to beat

Our team of experts have rapidly become more proficient and efficient in delivering technology ideas, solutions, and recommendations, regardless of the business scale of our client. As part of our massive growth, we have recruited more talent to boost projects while our experts are leading figures in the industry.


Clients worldwide

Since 2011, we have been serving fast and friendly IT support to Chicagoland businesses. Our clients are then able to get back to efficiency and focus on the success of their business.

25 +

Skilled experts

Bingham Solution IT’s nationwide network of over 800 technicians has collectively earned thousands of accreditations through their years of dedication, determination, and specialized expertise in the field.

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