Name your business; security is the backbone.

Whether you are into hardware, marketing, eCommerce, fashion or information system, security is a non-negotiable part of having a successful company. No company deserves to suffer from data loss, system breach or user infringement as it can ruin several years of hard work and commitment. For this reason, Bingham Solutions ensure our clients are safe against human and digital invasions.

Taking proactive measures

By working with us, we help develop proactive security measures to help ensure that your IT infrastructure and network are never vulnerable to internal and external attacks. Our security IT department is versed in developing unique cybersecurity systems that don’t only kick back cyberattacks but also notify users. 

Evaluation and guidance

Bingham Solutions IT experts will work with your team to understand your current security measures. We provide a comprehensive assessment and show loopholes if found. To further boost your security system, we provide employees training on how best to protect their passwords, as well as teach operational policies and encryption technologies.

Why should you trust us?

Over 100 past clients

With more than a decade spent in the IT industry, Bingham Solution has managed work with reputable companies and private entities. We have successfully established incredible and reliable IT support and consultation services for businesses in Chicago and beyond. More proudly, we have never recorded any client with breached IT solution.

20+ Professionals & 200 technicians

Our information and technology company has specialized units with over 20 skilled experts. As a nationwide IT provider, we have a network of more than 200 technicians whose roles and performances are always guided, supported, and assessed by our professionals. In this way, we have managed to land hundreds of accreditations, applause, and smile-inducing feedback from our clients. 

100% Customer satisfaction

We are only happy if our customers are happy. Bingham Solution is a brand that treats every customer’s company as if it’s our own; hence, our team is always about giving the best and most suitable IT infrastructure, recommendations, and services to our clients. If it’s not about competence, credibility, and customer satisfaction, then it’s not Bingham Solution!


Clients worldwide

Since 2011, we have been serving fast and friendly IT support to Chicagoland businesses. Our clients are then able to get back to efficiency and focus on the success of their business.

25 +

Skilled experts

Bingham Solution IT’s nationwide network of over 800 technicians has collectively earned thousands of accreditations through their years of dedication, determination, and specialized expertise in the field.

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